The best VPS: Hetzner vs. DigitalOcean comparison

If you don't mind only being able to base your server in Europe – which might even be a benefit privacy-wise – I highly recommend you to use Hetzner Cloud instead of DigitalOcean or other hosting providers. They are by far the the cheapest option, while still providing an easy to use interface.

A quick comparison with DigitalOcean

Metric Hetzner DigitalOcean
CPU-Cores 1 1
Disk-Space 20GB 25GB
Bandwith 20TB 1TB
Company Location (GDPR, you know) EU US
Price 2.9€/m 5$/m

This insane difference holds true on higher tiers as well – and additional services, like backups have basically the same pricing. Sadly, they only offer server locations in Europe, but if this is acceptable to you, then this is an amazing offer.

Of course, this article wouldn't be complete without an affiliate link, so if you click on this link you'll get 20€ free credit (and I'll get a 10€ credit).

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